Kathipara Junction! (Fly)over & over again!

Last sunday our CM of TN opened our long pending Kathipara flyover. The most rewarding gift for Chennai riders. Usally it takes around 1hr & 45mins to reach vadapalani from Naganallur. Now it has been reduced to 40mins.

Though the flyover has three lanes system with wider roads, it lacks in usability!. There are no signboards on the flyover’s. We can find 1-3 at the beginning and once we get on it we are lost. Most of them on the second day took wrong turns and i guess we have lost 3-4 lives in collision over the flyover. But, if these things were focused before and envisioned we could have stopped.

Now, our govt have put up 100 sign boards across the flyover for proper directions. But is it all useful! motorist find there is less visibility on the roads, cleaniness is zero beneath the flyover, no proper lightings, what now! and so how can we overcome these issues!.

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We can issue pamphlets, handouts etc to inform and educate people on the directions and also put in appropriate images at important people gathering areas like t.nagar, velacherry, vadapalani, guindy, saidapet etc. Police officals should be fair enough and pateint in explaning the appropriate routes around flyover. If these things were taken care in advance it would have been a greater help for Chennai riders!.


Please don’t drive fast behind an ambulance!

We see/hear atleast thrice in two days an ambulance siren and also the vehicle trying to flee through the busy roads and traffic. And being in Chennai, where traffic is mounting day by day and having 10lakh vehicles per day would be very difficult for the ambulance to passby.

The ambulance driver will find the best way to pass through the roads in the same time he has many lives in his hand, his own, people on road and also patient in ambulance. Since there is no seperate way or route for the ambulance to pass through we try to hornk and make people to give way for ambulance. What best we can do from our side when we have the ambulance behind is just move in a way where the vehicle can cut through the traffic and move faster. But our chennai people! wow! heights of stupidity! Most of the bikers and cyclist and even cars! sometime run behind the ambulance and aheading to the destination faster!. Running behind the ambulance might be of great risk. What if the driver puts a break when he cannot find a way or he has to make a sudden turn. He can be cautious while driving but not the people who are following the ambulance from behind to reach faster at their destination.

I happend to see similar accident this morining at saidapet corner. You can imagine how busy that road would be and how the traffic would flow in peak hour morning times.

If Chennai is really reading/seeing and listening to this issue/concern. Pl keep in mind that there is a life in do or die situation and we have to pray or  make way to make him reach the hospital at the earliest.

We might also join hands to print notice or public message to make this a success.