Fans or proxies!

I came across this article “The Hindu” yesterday. Though it was nicely articulated, I was surprised to see the people (pic) out there waiting to buy the tickets for the margazhi music season tickets!. Trust me, not all are fans most of them are proxies who wants to buy the tickets and they would sell to few people who are desperate to listen to the music season.

There are true facts like these ” Muralidharan, 59, a businessman, said he took turns with his driver to stand in the queue to buy tickets at The Music Academy for his wife and daughter. “I sent my driver at 3.30 a.m., relieved him around 7.30 a.m., waited for two hours and got the Rs. 12,000 season tickets,” he said”.  But this season is not just for fans but also for people who are in need of making money braving the chill weather of Chennai.


I’m not against/or criticizing the article. Just wanna say my view that Margazhi helps the needy make some money from it!


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