Atlast! 3G iphone is in Chennai soon along with Airtel!

Yes, Bharti Airtel has planned to bring Apple 3Giphone to india on 22of August. Airtel has been doing well all these years and now bringing this phone would make them on the top charts. Customers can buy it at Airtel’s relationship center’s soon. So start counting your days to hop on with your new iPhone. But wait a minute!

I’m not suprised If you already know about the features of 3G iPhone. For those who are yet to explore make visit :Apple Website

Btw, I know how much of hipe and expectation it has created in the country.  Do you ppl know that though it has such amazing and good features it lacks in few of the important aspects.

Battery Life
Bluetooth transfer
Cannot copy text
No vide recording
Panel gets cracks soon

Pl. feel free to add more if you come across some issues.


Apple iPhone in Chennai

Apple iphone is now available in Chennai. Wavetel communication is selling this phone at a decent price. You can visit wavetel website for more information.

Apple iPhone has come out with 3G version and it is expected to release on the month of July 2008. It might be priced at around 15-18k(INR) and will be having less features when compared to US. We might have to download lots of apps from online and also BUY IT! to get it activated. Hence, it’s customer’s choice to spend money buying it and also spending online to activate more stuff. FYI, in Nokia N95 we can have the similar feature of flipping visuals or making it rotate according to screen movements. All you have to do is to buy some online app’s to make it work. TAdaaaaa you got the iphone in nokia N95. Apart from the brand name and touchscreen it doesn’t have anything new or interesting as we have all in one piece (N95).