Autism is one of the most challenging disorders of the Pervasive Developmental Disorder Umbrella. Today the statistics says that every 1 in 91 children maybe diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

This year, we have seen a 3-fold increase in the number of children who come for admissions… kudos to the entire team at Apoorva for their dedication and professionalism. But no space to enroll them. Hence we are working towards opening our 3rd unit shortly.

At present, we are catering to the needs of 55 children of various age groups, degrees of autism and severe co-morbid conditions from 2 small facilities in JP Nagar 2nd Phase & Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore.

On behalf of Society for the Autistics in India, I request you to please support us in our humble endeavour and help more children & families in need.

Starting Novemeber 17th, we have a very special event – a couple walking from Bangalore to Tirupathi. Every year they do it for a specific cause. This year, they have opted to walk for our children. They cover the distance of 284-5km in 7 days!!

The walkathon would be flagged off from Rotary Cantonment Premises (opp. to Coles Park) on Nov 17 at 7:30a.m.

How can you be a part of the event – Take One Step in this 285km walk by sponsoring the kilometer of your choice with the best suited payment options provided. Your one step will help us reach out to more children in leaps.

Please follow the “walkathon” link on our website: http://www.saiautismcenter.org


BIAL Airport

LCD displayBreifcase  I was in Bangalore yesterday for a conference and had a chance to visit BIAL. I landed at 7.00AM and it took 2 hrs for me to reach the city at that time. So you can imagine how much time it could take for anyone who could travel in the peak hrs(eve) to reach airport. Amazed by the massive look i went exploring some of the scenes which was kind of unplanned for a international airport.

Outside looks so open that i literally caught lot of sand and dust while i was having a cup of coffee with some snacks. If you people say that it is in the begining stage then why would you have the snack shop outside. Also, there is not enought dust bins in the waiting area outside the airport. Each time you have to walk atleast a 50mt to find a dustbin. Major security threat is we can see the flights changing lanes and take off so near and it’s a stone throw away.

Flight schedule LCD kept in the airport is so small that anyone who needs to see their flight details has to get too close to get the info. Inspite of spending so much money in occupying so much of space and to keep a ugly looks briefcase in the middle of the airport they could have spend extra money to have a better display sign board.