Gist of Flex

High level overview on Adobe Flex. Using a tree navigation to provide the overview aint a good idea.

Creating a Simple RIA: Watch Video of the Tutorial

Learning Points

* Flex applications are Flash applications.
o Flex is a programmer-centric way to create Flash-based rich internet applications.
o Flex applications are rendered using Flash Player 9.
o Like all Flash RIAs, Flex SWF files are processed by the client, rather than the server.
* The Flex framework contains the predefined class libraries and application services necessary to create Flex applications.
o The framework is available in a free SDK and the Eclipse-based IDE named Flex Builder.
o The framework includes a compiler that is available as a standalone tool or as part of Flex Builder.
o The class libraries and application services provide developers with standard components and tools for quick application development.
Standard UI components can be extended and customized.
* Flex applications are written using MXML and/or ActionScript.
o MXML is an XML-based markup language that is primarily used to layout application display elements.
o ActionScript is an ECMAScript-compliant object-oriented programming language that is primarily used for application logic.
o MXML and ActionScript code are compiled into binary SWF files.