Simply toolcious!

Today more than 10 million children started using computers and internet.But i feel, not even 50% of them spend their time usefully.The reason is,useful sites are not so impressive(according to children).They love sites which uses some graphics.In that way,I am sure children will love VisuWords.
VisuWords is a beautiful online graphical dictionary.If you ask your kid to refer the dictionary to learn atleast one new word a day,will they do?But VisuWords will make your kid learn more than 100 words a day.Just enter the word. It will produces an interactive graph where you can easily perceive the different word associations.

When you search for some books or a video clip ,the search engines will list you some results( as links) and to get more info you need to click the link to visit the actual page.Instead,if there is a search engine which gives you little more info before going to the actual page,how nice it will be?For example,think that your are looking for a book on Java.You don’t know the book name but you remember only its colorful cover.If this is the case,how will you search for the book in Google or Yahoo?Google Book Search???Fine.But Google Book Search wont show you the price of the book without clicking the link. If you are looking for little more information including its price without clicking the link,then oSkope is the best place to search. oSkope allows you to search for items on different web services like eBay, Amazon, flickr, and YouTube and gives you a visual result. Choose one of the four sites that oSkope uses and enter the search term.With a pretty good flash-based interface,oSkope will produce a visual list of results.

Sketchcast is an awesome tool for bloggers which gives you a new way to communicate something online by recording a sketch.Simply login to the site,click the “Start recording draft” button and start a new sketch by drawing on the screen,with an option to add voice recording.After finishing,stop recording.Sketchcast will automatically produce a URL which you can send to others or you can publish the sketch by placing it on your blogs or websites.You can use sketchcast for a creating a tutorial, demonstrating something, or just for fun.Sketchcast also gives you your own channel where you can store your sketches so other people can view them or it can also be subscribed in iTunes or to your RSS feed.The site is already available in nine languages including Arabic,English, Spanish,French,Italian,Chinese, Japanese,Dutch and Portuguese.

It’s a free service that lets you to manage all emails and social networking from one website.Fuser supports are AIM, AOL,POP3, Comcast, IMAP, Gmail, Hotmail (MSN and Windows Live), Netscape, Outlook, Yahoo and SquirrelMail. Inspite of viewing messages from all of your accounts together, you can also reply to them as with a normal webmail client. Fuser will also organize your messages according to their original account, making searching for the right message easier. You can create your own folders for additional organization preferences, and filter your message content by subject and date. Fuser can’t be used as an email backup system as it does not store your emails. Once you delete a message from one email client, this action will be reflected in your Fuser account as well.It supports two social netwroking sites MySpace and Facebook messages as well.I don’t have Facebook and MySpace account.So i dint try.Just register and add your email account details or social networking account details to Fuser.

It’s a Web2.0 tool lets you edit CSS and HTML code live in your browser.This lets you open a frameset with the site in a frame and the site’s markup in the other frame, allowing you to edit.You can also choose of how and where the frames open, i.e. markup on the top,right, bottom or left.

Widgetnest is a widget shoppe. We are widget designers and developer. We understand the power of modularity and the strength of information aggregation. We want to provide powerful, easy to use tools for internet users.


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