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Wonderful device to live with.Hope this works out well in India!



Autism is one of the most challenging disorders of the Pervasive Developmental Disorder Umbrella. Today the statistics says that every 1 in 91 children maybe diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

This year, we have seen a 3-fold increase in the number of children who come for admissions… kudos to the entire team at Apoorva for their dedication and professionalism. But no space to enroll them. Hence we are working towards opening our 3rd unit shortly.

At present, we are catering to the needs of 55 children of various age groups, degrees of autism and severe co-morbid conditions from 2 small facilities in JP Nagar 2nd Phase & Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore.

On behalf of Society for the Autistics in India, I request you to please support us in our humble endeavour and help more children & families in need.

Starting Novemeber 17th, we have a very special event – a couple walking from Bangalore to Tirupathi. Every year they do it for a specific cause. This year, they have opted to walk for our children. They cover the distance of 284-5km in 7 days!!

The walkathon would be flagged off from Rotary Cantonment Premises (opp. to Coles Park) on Nov 17 at 7:30a.m.

How can you be a part of the event – Take One Step in this 285km walk by sponsoring the kilometer of your choice with the best suited payment options provided. Your one step will help us reach out to more children in leaps.

Please follow the “walkathon” link on our website: http://www.saiautismcenter.org

chennaimoms.com-networking site for moms in Chennai

chennaimoms.com networking site for metro moms.

For quiet some time i have been hunting down some parenting techniques and skills to be adopted.  You would have known by this time its because my son has started his schooling from this week. It’s really a high time that i need to sharpen and know the pros and cons of parenting.

I was just surfing last week on portals like parentree.in and found one more interesting portal “chennaimoms.com”

Target audience for this site are metro moms. I hope a lot of thought process have gone into this site before its constructed. It looks like an orkuting community as Mom’s can interact with each other, write/ask queries and write blogs.

In General:

Mom’s can….

– leverage the knowledge of the community of moms with Questions/Answers
find moms with similar interest and form a tight knit group
– find plenty of Chennai specific information like the best schools with reviews from other moms, best pediatricians in Chennai and so on
– find information on other topics of interest to mothers like information on how to keep their kids safe online, pregnancy resources, vaccination calendar
chat with like-minded moms
– get an expert opinion by posting your questions – questions will be posted anonymous
– find group of moms who are interested in travel and do other activities, moms who are located in your area etc
Recipes, Games
Take a look and send in your comments…

parentree.in – An Indian parenting community

Chennai based parent tree communications have started an online community for indian parents. The website aims to boost the identity of an individual as a parent and connect him or her to a network of like-minded individuals. They are also focusing on bringing in revenues throug advertisements and online stores in near furture.

Sathya Narayanaswamy, founder and CEO, Parentree. There are very many sites US-based websites which are focusing on family heritage, like genius and others and also there is one such website by name IndiaParenting.com but parentree focus on practical aspects of Indian parenting by enabling parent-to-parent conversations and advice.

FYI, from Aloo Techie:

Parentree.in was founded by Shobha Durairajan and Sathya Narayanaswamy, parents of two little children. The idea was sparked when they often found themselves depending on the parents around them to gather information about what worked best for their children. So they decided to establish this idea on the web, for Indian parents across the globe to benefit from each other’s knowledge. The website first went through a soft launch on August 15, 2008 to a small group of parents.

Kathipara Junction! (Fly)over & over again!

Last sunday our CM of TN opened our long pending Kathipara flyover. The most rewarding gift for Chennai riders. Usally it takes around 1hr & 45mins to reach vadapalani from Naganallur. Now it has been reduced to 40mins.

Though the flyover has three lanes system with wider roads, it lacks in usability!. There are no signboards on the flyover’s. We can find 1-3 at the beginning and once we get on it we are lost. Most of them on the second day took wrong turns and i guess we have lost 3-4 lives in collision over the flyover. But, if these things were focused before and envisioned we could have stopped.

Now, our govt have put up 100 sign boards across the flyover for proper directions. But is it all useful! motorist find there is less visibility on the roads, cleaniness is zero beneath the flyover, no proper lightings, what now! and so how can we overcome these issues!.

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We can issue pamphlets, handouts etc to inform and educate people on the directions and also put in appropriate images at important people gathering areas like t.nagar, velacherry, vadapalani, guindy, saidapet etc. Police officals should be fair enough and pateint in explaning the appropriate routes around flyover. If these things were taken care in advance it would have been a greater help for Chennai riders!.