Usability issues in Sony Ericsson (India) website

I’m a great fad of Nokia mobiles, though my first mobile was Sony i found Nokia’s user interface easier than any other mobiles. I have been using Nokia for the past 10 years and all of a sudden for a min, i thought of switching to sony and then hooked onto sonyericsson’s website. 

The site was not good and there were several instances where authors used to explore the sites in their usability books that there are quite a lot of usability issues in the parent site. But for me i wanted to look into the india region and started browsing the site.

I wasn’t happy on the colors or the navigation of the website. Also, i didn’t get what i wanted to see at the first place so i clicked on see all mobiles link. I didn’t have the latest flash player installed in my laptop so the site pop’d up with a message pasted in the blog above.

You have to press yes or no according to the dialog box but there is no yes or no!. It had ok and cancel and in vain we have to predict the outcome of the message and click accordingly. I know, these mobile companies are branded but dont they realize that they have to check their usability issues which are very silly like these ones???.

If someone from SE is checking this blog pl. make the change to the website ASAP.


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