One dead in stage collapse at New Year bash in Chennai

NewsFlash: Reports confirms that two more are dead in this deadly collapse in Chennai. Both of them belong to the same family and they were doing 3rd year in Venkatesware college of eng.

The dawn of the new year proved fatal for a software professional working here, after a wooden stage erected above a swimming pool at a city hotel here collapsed last night during the New Year celebrations.
Summit Agnihotri (24) succumbed to his injuries at the General Hospital in the early hours on Tuesday, police said, while the condition of two others was stated to be critical, the sources said.
Police said the makeshift stage erected above the swimming pool collapsed all of a sudden and a number of people dancing on it fell into the pool, when they were partying on Monday night to welcome the New Year.
Several persons were injured in the incident, two of them seriously, the sources said.
A case has been registered against the hotel authorities, police added.The General Manager (marketing) of a star hotel in the city was arrested following the collapse of a makeshift dias covering the swimming, killing one person during the New Year revelry on December 31 midnight. Police sources said after conducting preliminary inquiries, the General Manager Anthony Michael was arrested last night.

Cases have also been registered against Narendar Singh, the contractor, who had erected the stage, and the licensee of the hotel in connection with the incident.

A case of negligence under section 304 (A) of the IPC was registered against them. More than 250 people were dancing and partying on the makeshift stage when it collapsed into the swimming pool beneath, killing Sumit Agnihotri, a software professional. Six others, who sustained injuries were admitted to the hospital. The condition of two of them were stated to be critical. According to police, the hotel had collected Rs 3,000 per head for the new year bash. IT professionals, industrialist and college students were part of the fun-filled evening, before it turned tragic moments ahead of ringing in the New Year.

A top hotel official described it as an accident and said there was no negligence on their part.


4 thoughts on “One dead in stage collapse at New Year bash in Chennai

  1. I don’t think anybody imagined that something like this would happen. Nobody from the organiser and none from the revellers. If building a dance floor on the pool was dangerous, why did people pay Rs. 3500 to dance on it? The facts weren’t hidden, everybody knew they were dancing over the pool even as they got drunk and even as they jumped and danced on the makeshift structure.

    I agree that it was an accident. At hind sight we can all say that this should have been done and that should have been done. But look at it this way where in India is project management that fool proof? Who does risk analysis and mitigation?

    If precautions should have been taken, then the revelers are also at fault as they threw caution to the wind and danced away.

    If you look at the news there are so many accidents, stage collapse, bridge collapse. If you think on those lines, every accident can be termed as negligence.
    I was in the pool that night, I lost my credit cards; 3 of our mobile phones got damaged by the water. But we are fine and I see the glass half full, rather than half empty.
    My condolences to the family and friends of Sumit, and I feel for their loss. But Sumit’s death was a tragedy and accident that I pray doesn’t repeat.

  2. Why was the stage over a pool someone asked, but guests nowadays demand more and more exotic themes for New Year and business try to keep up with this demand. The truth is that indian society does not take safety seriously, they just go for show, so does not the responsibility lie with society as a whole, not just the stage constructers and hotel managers? The PWD gives permits without checking anyway (as per another blog), so a permit would hardly have helped. The stage was built over the pool for the last 3 years, and had nothing happened it would probably have continued for a few more years, no questions asked. This is a tragedy for all involved – the peope who were there, the hotel, the stage builders, but most of all for the young man who lost his life.

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