TV Battle

On a Sunday morning (November 4), television viewers in Tamilnadu where shocked when Sun TV without any announcement or publicity ran a scroll that they were going to show the Tamilnadu government award night. The same programme was to be shown in Kalaignar TV as their Diwali special on November 8!Around 11.30am, as Sun TV started showing the state award night programme, Kalaignar immediately started telecasting Vijay’s blockbuster Ghilli in retaliation! According to the industry grapevine A.M Ratnam the producer had sold Ghilli television rights to Sun TV, after its release.

Suddenly by 12.12 pm, Sun TV winded up the award nights programme and switched over to the announced schedule by starting the film Nanda. Two minutes later Ghilli on Kalaignar TV was abruptly stopped and the scheduled black&white Rajnikanth classic Bhairavi started.

This kind of Tom and Jerry tit-for-tat battle can take place only in Tamilnadu, where television channels are run by political parties. And the sad part is that whoever rules the state controls Kollywood and its film based programmes, the staple diet of Tamil channels!-Sify


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